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  Cooperative Research Program
The purpose of Cooperative Research Program

With the development of regional economic integration of North-east Asia and the close cooperation in economy between the countries, the finance and taxation policies and the reform of finance-taxation that the governments made are not only influencing themselves’ economy, but also affecting the other countries’ economic activities in North-east Asian in different extent.
Especially with China’s economy becoming stronger and stronger in Asia even in the world, governments, multinational enterprises and individuals have paid close attention to Chinese fiscal policy, legal system construction and the reform of taxation. At present, North-east Asia scholars, academic organizations and research institutions have showed great concern about the research of China’s financial and taxation system. Meanwhile, China should learn from other North-east Asia countries’ successful experience of financial system and the reform of taxation.
Therefore North-east Asia finance and tax law research center ("NEAFTLRC") of Nankai law school established common research program, which was mainly about the present key problems of financial and tax legislation in China. We formulate and determine the research topics and invite some scholars from Japan, Korea and Chinese Taiwan to join us, and we would positively take the research programs which were formulated by the China’s government, foreign governments, private groups and multinational enterprises.

The professional field of Cooperative Research Program
Financial Law, Fiscal Policy Research
Budget Law, Financial Investment and Financing Law, Public Debt Law, Local Autonomy Law and Local Government Fiscal Policy Law
Tax law, Taxation Policy Research
General Theories of Tax Law: Tax Statutory Principles, Fair and Efficiency Principles of Tax Revenue; Specific Theories of Tax Law: Income Tax (Individual and Corporation), Property Tax (Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Real Estate Tax), Turnover Tax
International Tax Treaty Research
Tax Jurisdiction, Methods of avoiding Double Taxation, International tax avoidance and anti-tax avoidance, International Tax Agreements
The Practice of Tax Law in China, Japan and Korea
The research of finance-taxation cases and theories in China, Japan and Korea
  The forms of Cooperative Research Program  
  The forms contain Research Report, Publications and international conference, etc.
  Cooperative Researc Program for 2011
  Subject: The comparative research of North-east Asia economy and legal system (the research program of Korean’s legal system, participating in the research)  
  Cooperative Researc Program for 2010
  Subject: The comparative research of real estate system of China, Japan and Korea (the research program of postsecondary education consortium of Korea)  
  Cooperative Researc Program for 2009
  Subject: The research of Japan local autonomy (the research program of ministry of education of People’s Republic of China)  
  Subject: The research of financial relationship between governments (The justice department program, participating in the research)
  Cooperative Researc Program for 2008
  Subject: The comparative research of electronic taxation administration between China and Japan (the program of The Sumitomo Foundation of Japan)  
  Subject: The protection of taxation information of China, Japan and Korea (the program of Nankai University)
  Cooperative Researc Program for 2007
  Subject: < investigation and research in status quo of M&A legal systems of the Asian countries > (the program of Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, METI)
  Cooperative Relations  

Law School of the University of TOKYO
Law School of Hitotsubashi University
Law school of Waseda University (Japan)
Law school of Chonbuk National University,South Korea
The Seoul University
Korea Tax Research Institute
Korea Legislation Research Institute
Korea Research Institute of China’s law

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