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Through the unanimous resolution by the professor committee of Nankai university law school, it has been approved formally to establish the North-east Asia Finance and Taxation Law Research Center(hereinafter referred to as “NEAFTLRCenter”) On June 4 2007, and has been determined that Dr. Yang,GuangPing, who obtained the doctoral degree on public law from HITOTSUBASHI university, was nominated to be the director of NEAFTLRCenter.

Ⅰ, NEAFTLRCenter’s mission

The mission of establishing the NEAFTLRCenter is to strengthen the communication and cooperation relationships in the areas of macroeconomic law, financial law, taxation law between the countries of North east Asia, and to strengthen the mutual understanding and the comprehend to different cultures, and also to promote the construction of economic and legal system in the countries and regions of North-east Asia.

Ⅱ, The feasibility analysis to establishing the NEAFTLRCenter

The reason that some well-known Law schools in China has been able to have a high international reputation, as well as many outstanding students gathered here, is precisely because that these Law Schools is not only in their considerable academic research results, but also attaching the great importance to communicate with foreign countries, hereby, to improve their own academic levels and to expand the law school's international influence. In China, the beginning on studying and researching the public finance law and taxation law studies is really a short time, although there have been obtained some academic achievements, but could not compare with the same fields abroad yet, not in terms of depth of research, but in terms of breadth of communication with foreign countries. These also provide a large space for development on engaging in our research and academic communication in such fields.

At present, China attaches great importance to making the communication and cooperation with Northeast Asia countries and regions. Meanwhile, on National People's Congress in 2006, Tianjin was intended to be as a window to the outside world for economic development in circum-bohai-sea and Northeast Asian countries. Therefore, establishing the NEAFTLRCenter and focusing on Northeast Asia is corresponding with the country's economic development objectives. Nankai University from the history have extensive communication with Northeast Asian countries, especially taking the academic exchanges frequently with Japan and Korea, achieving abundant researching result on Japanese study. Therefore, Nankai Law School has good foundation on research environment for establishing NEAFTLRCenter.

Ⅲ, The "first 5-year development plan of NEAFTLRC (2007-2012)"

1,To establish the cooperative partner relationships with the universities and another public finance and taxation law research institute and academic communities in the areas of Japan ,South Korea and Taiwan province of China;
2,To invite the public finance law and taxation law scholars and experts of North-east Asia to visit the law school of Nankai university, and organizing the academic special lectures;
3,To actively participate in and take the project form the government agencies of the countries, transnational enterprises, and other academic organizations in the areas the North-east Asia;
4,To gradually establish the academic communication network in the area of Northeast Asia through many forms such as publications and international conference.
5,To create and maintain the NEAFTLRCenter’s website ( www.asia-taxlaw.com ), and publishing the relevant information about NEAFTLRCenter in four languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English, thereby, taking this as a contact means and communication network with other academic institute in the area of Northeast Asia.

Nankai University Law school
Northeast Asian Finance and Taxation Law Research Center
Director by Yang,GuangPing
June 3,2007

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